Project Description


Zenith Engineering proudly provided MEP design services for the Moriarity Apartments project, a remarkable endeavor situated in Moriarity, New Mexico. Spanning over 160,000 sq ft of land, this expansive development comprised six buildings, offering a diverse range of residential units. With meticulous attention to detail, we tailored the MEP systems to cater to the unique needs of each building type, including single-story 2-bedroom units, two-story 3-bedroom units, and two-story 2-bedroom units. Our team prioritized functionality, energy efficiency, and resident comfort, delivering innovative MEP designs that seamlessly integrated with the architectural vision of the project. Through our expertise, the Moriarity Apartments project exemplifies our commitment to creating sustainable and comfortable living spaces for the residents of Moriarity, NM.

Project Details

Client Moriarity Apartments
Location Moriarity, New Mexico
Surface Area 160,000 ft2