Project Description


Zenith Engineering is pleased to highlight our involvement in the remodel job for Hilton Garden Inn located in Albuquerque, NM. Our team played a pivotal role in providing MEP services to renovate various areas including the entrance, lobby area, swimming pool area, and guest rooms. With a focus on enhancing the overall guest experience, we diligently designed MEP solutions that transformed these spaces into modern, functional, and inviting areas. From implementing efficient HVAC systems and optimizing lighting designs to ensuring proper ventilation in the swimming pool area, our MEP services contributed to creating a welcoming atmosphere throughout the hotel. By collaborating closely with the client and considering their specific requirements, we successfully delivered a remodel that revitalized the Garden Inn, showcasing our commitment to excellence in engineering and creating spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Project Details

Client Hilton Garden Inn
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico